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“Delicious Paranthaas”

Reviewed 16 February 2015 by Saby7472

Tried this place for the first time on advise of our driver ( have been visiting the most popular one in Murthal on all earlier occasions), was happy that we took his advise. Me and dad took no time to find a desired table - good early morning January sunlight. We ordered mixed paraanthaas and we were promptly served, hot and crispy as requested with a generous helping of curd and flavorful tea at the right time. The stuffing was apt and less on spices which left room for us to taste the vegies inside. Will eat again for sure.

Visited January 2015

“Amazing amazing amazing”

Reviewed 30 December 2014 by BatraGaurav

Loved the mixed paranthas, and the makkai roti and saag, with a generous dose of white butter, never had better paranthas. We stopped over both while going and coming back.

Visited December 2014

“A Modernised Dhaba on the GT Karnal Road”

Reviewed 11 December 2014 by giribpai

This very popular dhaba has been morphing into a restaurant type eatery over the years. Apart from the change in the layout and the ambiance, the menu too has kept changing and is now a very cosmopolitan one offering food from all over India and also so called Chinese food sold in Indian restaurants. I have been to this dhaba many times and found that they have now made themselves suitable for a meal anytime of the day and also have stores around that sell touristy stuff. The food to be chosen however, in my view, is the north Indian or local cuisine. On a recent visit I ordered gobhi (cauliflower) and muli (radish) paratha. I chose these two over the aloo (potato) paratha which tends to be very heavy for non regular consumers like me. The parathas are served hot from the oven and with a giant helping of butter as is common in the region. Two parathas make a good, hearty and nutritious breakfast. We also ordered chai which is served in glass tumblers. The chai was nothing great. The prices are reasonable and one has options of seating in the open or air conditioned space. The restaurant provides ample parking space and also clean and well maintained washrooms. This is one among few very popular dhabas on GT Karnal Road and worth a visit while in the area.

Visited December 2014

“That's the real dhaba meal”

Reviewed 7 November 2014 by Kamaljeet S V

We were the regular customer of another dhaba close to Gulshan dhaba but recently they have made lot of changes and changed the look and feel. We tried Gulshan dhaba and impressed with the food .... nice paranthas, naan, dal makhani and of course kadak chai after delicious food ...

Visited August 2014

“Things have changed.. and not for the better”

Reviewed 5 October 2014 by Punam J

My last visit was sometime in late 2012. Where I found this place amazing and authentic in terms of food taste and quality. this time the paranthas were bland and mostly burnt. The waiter didnt want to entertain different options and we had to stick of standard Aloo, and Mix Veg Paranthas. The white butter was fresh but the bowl also contained water in it :(

Visited October 2014

“Oil Free Paronthas !”

Reviewed 23 August 2014 by Rajeev D

Gulshan is one of the oldest dhabas on NH-1. The Tandoori paronthas are to kill for because they are stuffed but cooked without a drop of oil - an ace of culinary skill. Whether you chose to eat the tandoori paronthas wiyh white butter (is included in the price) or curds or dal makhani or chana you un for a treat. The owners really need to put some greenery in the parking lot.It will make the place look attractive. toilets are clean whivh is a boon . It is a family place and very safe. I wish the staff would smile a bit. If you are doing a good job why be so serious about it. Service with smile helps one feel welcome.

Visited July 2014

“Lipsmacking Food”

Reviewed 22 August 2014 by ambrishl l

We visited this dhabha on our way to amritsar from delhi. The food was awesome. Loved the paratha and the butter. the lassi was awesome too. The only let down was Jilebi.
Note : This is pure vegetarian restaurant

Visited August 2014

“A modern dhaba”

Reviewed 4 July 2014 by ZoobieSidhu

This one is one of the first that you will come across when on NH1 from Delhi to Ambala. A big plus is the clean washrooms. The dhaba also has an "ÁC Family Hall", but we always prefer to sit outside. The best thing about travelling on NH1 is that the dhabas are open 24 X 7. Theis zone from Murthal top Panipat is 100% veg zone, and you won't get even egg here.
Try aloo-pyaz parantha or gobhi parantha or paneer parantha with white butter, and you will not be disappointed. It is a favourite with people travelling between Punjab and IGI Airport :)
Few shops offer goodies for kids, utility items from visiting NRI's and churan etc

Their tea is also good

Visited June 2014

“The best meals on the highway”

Reviewed 3 July 2014 by Deepak_sharma87

This is one of the best restaurants on the gt karnal road. The USP is Paranthas. Quality + Quantity + prices all are awesome. and the best thing, it is 24x7 restaurant.

Visited February 2014


Reviewed 22 June 2014 by Gurbinder

I liked the stuffed paranthas with white butter the most. They served lemon pickle I ended up buying it. Daal and tandoori roties are excellent. I carry my own drinking water. the toilets are clean but just a vee bit smelly. there were two guards outside in the parking despite temperature being 43 C. They need to add trees and greenery. But since I stopped just for a quick grub I came out happy.

Visited June 2014

“Good location with average taste”

Reviewed 21 June 2014 by sumitjain121

I have visited this place in the month of June, 2014 to enjoy a small 40 min drive and Paranthas. Muthal is the best place for Paranthas as I heard from friends and relatives. I chosed this place and find it nice at first look with big sitting area along-with seperate air conditioned area. We ordered 2-3 types of different paranthas and found it ok. Average taste what we found but great service and average price list.

“Mouth-Watering Food”

Reviewed 9 May 2014 by Harman1987

A definite place (restaurant) to visit for yummy north indian food. 35 kms from delhi-bypass, this restaurant serves delightful authentic north indian food, and is best known to enjoy paranthas. Gobhi Parantha and Dal fry form the best combination for your buds when you are travelling towards panipat/karnal/chandigarh from delhi. Don't forget to sip tea as well. Even on weekends one may go there with family/friends/partner to have a great combo of wonderful food along with smooth drive on NH-1.

Visited April 2014

“Superb Paratha yet again”

Reviewed 10 April 2014 by MohankumarMS

Had the opportunity to visit this legendary place once more. Tried to taste as many types of paratha as possible. The quality and quantity of butter with each paratha was astounding. The quality of dal again without parallel. Overall a memorable experience. Reason enough to fall in love with this place once again.

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