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Sonipat,Haryana 131027

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“The best dal makhani ”

Reviewed 12 June 2015 by Globetrotter293

On the way to Chandigarh the driver suggested that this was a good place to eat, It definitely was..
Suggest the laccha paratha, dal makhani and matar paneer
One of the best dal makhani I have ever had.

Visited June 2015

“Yummy Breakfast..”

Reviewed 05 June 2015 by vikyvij

I along with my freinds went to panipat city of haryana last monday i.e 25/05/2015. We start at 8 a.m. from west delhi Delhi. At 9.30 a.m. when we reached murthal we decided to have a breakfast. After much thought we decide to take breakfast at Gulshan Dhaba Murthal. The place was neat & clean with huge parking space. Two guards was there to assist u for park ur car etc. After parking we went inside. There are two section, one at outer non A/C & second is inner with A/C. I dont know the rate is same or not but due to summer & heat we went inside at A/C hall. Dining hall was well decorated, well uniformed staff & waiters. Normal water was free & optional package water is available for charges. The Menu was Great. From Main Punjabi Dishes to South indian & chinese. We are punjabis so ee prefer to order Pranthas for which this dhaba is famous. We order stuffed pranthas of different varities i.e. Aloo, Gobhi, Mix, Onion, Paneer etc with Choley (Chick Peas) Mixed pickles & Curd. We Also ordered Famous Sweet Lassi of this Dhaba. Tea, Coffee, Cold Drinks are also available. All these things are available at reasonable price. Wash rooms are neat & clean. Staff was nice & courties. Complmentary Saunf,Sugar & Jaggery, tissues & toothpicks was served with bill. Overall Nice Affordable Family Restuarant (DHABA)....

Visited June 2015

“Really good”

Reviewed 30 April 2015 by i_krishna

One of the best Murthal dhabas (alike Sukhdev, Ahuja, etc.)
The Delhi-Murthal-Delhi or should I say Delhi-Dhaba-Delhi drive is always on the to-do lists of all college goers and alike. Super place and a really good experience always. Yummy paranthas as always.

Visited March 2015

“Awesome Paratha”

Reviewed 30 April 2015 by Selvi-sk

Heard so much about this Dhaba. my bro wanted me to visit this dhaba when on the way to shimla. It was just amazing. Best paratha i ever had. we had aloo, gobi, pyaz was my favorite. the butter was amazing. kadak masal chai was just perfect with it. We stopped over while returning back from shimla. amazing experience.

Visited February 2015

“Long drive and paranthas”

Reviewed 20 April 2015 by Sudip R

After a long time visited this place. This time with my daughter this was here first long drive.
We first visited a shrine in panipat then visited Gulshans on the way back to Delhi.
A very nice comfortable place to have food. A place where you can have food in your own time the service is good and prompt.

I really like the white butter that they serve with the paranthas.
Tea also is served in big glasses.
The food is tasty and hygienic.

A very important point to remember is that the dhabha and other old and famous dhabhas are under a flyover hence keep an eye on the road the flyover over the cut for bhagpat/merit I think, you have to take a slight left and you will see the dhabha.

“Yumicious parathas”

Reviewed 19 April 2015 by Aditya A

Just been to Gulshan dhaba yesterday. Tandoori paranthas were great. Dal fry was way too normal. Tawa paranthas were too oily as they are fried and should be avoided. Billing took a huge time.

Visited April 2015

“Best Tandoori Paranthas!! ”

Reviewed 4 April 2015 by Pavas B

Been going to the place for years and they keep churning out the best Tandoori Paranthas with melt in mouth white butter! Be it gobhi, aloo, pyaz or paneer... The paranthas are not to be missed!

“Lost Glory...”

Reviewed 30 March 2015 by traveller4mdelhi

I have been visiting Gulshan Dhabha since 1996 when it was a tiny dhaba compared to what it is now..No doubt with passage of time, the management has added new dishes and variety but some where down the line the signature paranthas have suffered.
It is now over priced but still better than others in this belt..they do have a AC hall as well. Despite huge arena that it looks like now they still manage to serve in fairly quick time.
They have amble parking space and wash rooms...

Visited March 2015

“Yummy Parathas for Breakfast,Lunch & Dinner....”

Reviewed 13 March 2015 by anubhavkapoor76

By God this is the place to be even if you haven't eaten paratha in your life. Tandoori parathas are a treat to eat and white butter add extra X factor to it. I would say do not go for Tawa Paratha as it is deep fried and is too oily (served without white butter). Tip- You can also ask for Yellow butter if you do not like the White one(as it has less salt).Tripadvisor has only 5 stars otherwise I would have given it 10 stars. I realized it today why people go to Murthal just to eat Parathas. Tandori parathas are mind blowinnggggg....

Visited March 2015

“Something to cherish”

Reviewed 12 March 2015 by Puneet A

Far better than sukhdev... better hospitality, better taste, better ambience (not like typical dhaba but better than haldirams ooops sukhdev the so called modern dhaba....) must try gobhi parantha n dal fry....

Visited December 2014

“Awesome Paranthas”

Reviewed March 10,2015 by Roopinder

The paranthas along with butter is prized menu of this hotel. They serve Aloo, Methi, Mooli, Gobhi, Paneer, Mix, endless list.. paranthas. Must try this highway halt.

Visited December 2014

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