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Dhaba Food for health conscious roadies and travellers at Murthal

May 04, 2015

Nobody goes dhabas looking for healthy food. On the contrary when we love to splurge in butter splattered roti, dal or legendry parathas, we head toward a dhaba. But what if one of the most respected and well known dhaba in Murthal designs menu to serve food with the goodness of home: even a health conscious person can choose.

dhaba in murthalThe homemade butter would always be there to lure, but you always have an option to have or have not that butter in your food. And even after that, it doesn’t mean you can’t have healthy food items in your quest to satiate the taste buds on the go.

Gulshan Dhaba on the NH1- Delhi-Amritsar highway is well celebrated for everything told above and more (for more part you need to be present there physically at least for once)

Key to health and taste at Gulshan’s in Murthal

This Dhaba is known for being the oldest of the dhabas that look their proud place next to the highway to quench thirst and satiate hunger with relishing food. The tradition has been up, only getting better at giving even more enhanced experience that lives up to the expectations of the present day travelers of that road. What’s more, the menu of the dhaba is a breath of fresh air to the calorie conscious people of metro cities. A mix of smart picks from the menu can full your belly and satisfy you in every way.

Have a look

[Note-The below given foods are suggestive of what a calorie-conscious person can look forward to eating at Gulshan Dhaba, Murthal. It doesn’t give the comprehensive picture of what all the dhaba serves or is well known for. That would be a different blog!]

  • Any of the soups sans butter / cream if fat makes you worry about indulging in food
  • Main Course-dhaba in murthal
  • Plain roti / naan + dal + raita + Chana Masala / kari pkoda
  • Tandoori paratha with stuffing of your choice (of course without butter if ‘Fat’ is a big no-no)
  • Roti / naan + Gajar matar / palak matar + dal + raita
  • South Indian main course like different variants of Dosa
  • Add-on-
  • Any of the many Raita variants
  • Salad
  • Papad bhuna

  • Something to sip along-
  • Green Tea (anti-oxidants)
  • Lemon Soda (no Cholesterol but sugar content)
  • Namkeen / Meethi Lassi (Calcium with Vit A, C)
  • Sweets-
  • Rajbhog (mainly protein and calorie in the form of sugar that you can reduce by squeezing it as much as you can)
  • Thandi Rasmalai (A milk recipe similar to rajbhog, only the ‘ras’ is different, light in taste as well as in calories unless you decide to pile it up in your stomach)
  • Snacks-
  • Chaat Papri and Gol Gappe (fatless),
  • Paneer Chilli, Paneer Tikka, Chilli Mashroom (mostly proteins)

You would by now be imagining yourself in the Air Conditioned Restaurant(with huge parking area) enjoying the lip-smacking food without having to much worry about calorie count. Of course restraint on your will also matters; in take as much as is enjoyable, no more no less at the best NH1 / GT road dhaba-Gulshan’s!