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Menu of Gulshan Dhaba

All-Veg Treat at Gulshan’s

may 14,2015

How many of you have felt the pull of vegetarian dishes getting stronger? Well, this is what everyone prefers to eat daily for different reasons. However this is subject to where you hail from ....

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calorie conscious dhaba

Dhaba Food for health conscious roadies and travellers at Murthal

may 04,2015

Nobody goes dhabas looking for healthy food. On the contrary when we love to splurge in butter splattered roti, dal or legendry parathas, we head toward a dhaba. But what if one of the most respected and well known dhaba in Murthal ....

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Famous Dhaba in Murthal

A paradise for All Vegetarians

march 23,2015

Amidst the serene and quaint countryside of a small village Murthal what stands out most is the dhaba which has captured the hearts of the millions of its visitors. Gulshan dhaba is the most famous dhaba in Murthal that has been in existence for over 65 years now....

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Savour the Best Culinary delights at Gulshan Dhaba Murthal

march 09,2015

Well, if you are in search of a dhaba that serves you with the best culinary delights then irrefutably the dhaba that stands out from the rest of the dhabas is the Gulshan Dhaba. This dhaba has been the hot favourite for about six and a half decades now...

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