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All-Veg Treat at Gulshan’s

May 14, 2015

How many of you have felt the pull of vegetarian dishes getting stronger? Well, this is what everyone prefers to eat daily for different reasons. However this is subject to where you hail from and the food culture of that region.

Famous dhaba in MurthalFor example, people who have always seen abundance of green vegetable and anything as agri-produce are automatically choose to go with a vegetarian diet for routine. On the contrary to this image, people who have always lived nearby sea, get less farm produce have no choice but to get the best of the sea-food.

For the vegetarians who feel dreaded even to think eating somewhere with both veg and non-veg options on your visit to Sonepat, welcome to the oldest and best dhaba of Murthal-Gulshan’s; you will get vegetarian, or nothing (obviously, the second part is only exaggeration!). What more, you don’ even have to worry about hygiene as well,

What all can you make a selection from

Closer to what people tag as “homemade”, vegetarian food is server in homely ambience away from home, only a bit crowded because of the popularity of the lip-smacking food, be it regular main course or just snacks.

Here is a glimpse of what you can order from the appealing food menu of Gulshan dhaba.

Cool / hot drinks to begin with
You maybe a fan of hot tea or coffee or simply shakes with a dash of milk and ripe fruit or flavor of your choice, you can never go wrong with your pick here. And your very own, very Indian- lassi, nimboo pani and others are on menu only to delight you.

‘Bada’ Hunger? Food for your gut and soul
Well, this could be understood only by those who have travelled just to dig in to the different hearty offerings of this famous dhaba at NH1 / GT Road.Choose from fusion Pizzas to earthy south Indian cuisine, or go with the picks of kids among Chinese or your regular Punjabi specialities, you know nothing can make you regret any of the selections, even when the bill comes!

‘Chhota’ Hunger? Some snack to keep you going
You were just passing by the famous dhabas, and couldn’t resist the urge to get into the Gulshan’s? That happens and we surely understand, which is why you see a wide variety of snacks in our menu. Disappointments are non-existent when you enter in AC dining place of our restaurant after parking your vehicle in safety. (yes, we just told you that we have both!)

And the Parathas. Looking for it?
Oh yes, having come this far, you cannot resist the call of at least one tandoori parantha with stuffing of your choice from our menu, served with accompaniment of your pick. The only thing that would come to your mind after eating the one- “No one can eat just one”- tagline of some old TV commercial but apt for the parathas!

With all these offerings, we only have one thing to say: Do visit Gulshan Dhaba, Murthal once. Then, you would be coming on your own, again and again!