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Gulshan Dhaba -A paradise for All Vegetarians

March 23, 2015

Amidst the serene and quaint countryside of a small village Murthal what stands out most is the dhaba which has captured the hearts of the millions of its visitors. Gulshan dhaba is the most famous dhaba in Murthal that has been in existence for over 65 years now. What’s incredibly commendable is the continuous persistence and efforts of the management and the staff which have ensured that the dhaba maintains its top slot and remains the no. 1 dhaba of the region and most probably of north India. Its importance can be gauged from the fact that a multitude of SUVs. , Mercedes, And Audis can be seen parked nonchalantly in the parking of this marvellous dhaba.

Famous dhaba in MurthalThis dhaba came into existence in 1950 with the sincere efforts of Takan Dass and Kishan Chand Kukreja, the father-son duo who saw the opportunity of business to serve great food to the truckers on the go when it was their time to eat and rest. Very soon the dhaba reached a turnover of Rs. 100 which was incredibly huge at that time. And maintaining the tradition and spirit of his father’s and grandfather’s dream Gulshan Kukreja, the present owner of the dhaba, has ensured that the dhaba continues to spread its mind-boggling aroma all over the world.

There are a large number of factors which make it stand out as the best dhaba of Murthal. To begin with the food of the dhaba is mouth watering. The dishes and their method of preparation are suitable for health conscious people. Even its most famous parathas are prepared in a unique way. All parathas are tandoor-baked and are devoid of even a drop of oil. Other famous dishes which are served include chilli potato, chilli gobi, chilli mushroom, paneer chilli, plain rice, jeera rice, Matar Pulao, Vegetable Pulao and Cheese Pulao. Dal Fry, Dal Makhani and Pilli Dal are the next items which are simply appetizing

There are other factors too which add to the culinary delights of this dhaba. A lot of effort has gone into the improvement of the ambience. Plenty of vegetation and trees around have ensured that one breathes fresh air. The greenery appeals to the eyes straightaway. Moreover the view of the highway from the dhaba is inspiring. The next major factor is the colossal parking space which can cater to hundreds of visitors at a time. There are no issues concerned with parking and everything is simple and hassle free.

There is centralized Air Conditioning which relaxes and comforts the customers. The dhaba has been renovated and has unique artefacts from various exotic places. The architecture of the dhaba is also modern.

On the top of all these factors the one thing that is the most attractive is the fact that it never closes down! Yes! It is open 24/7. This facility allows one to drive to the dhaba at anytime of the day one wants. You don’t have to wait from eating your favourite dishes. You just fantasize and drive to the dhaba and the most diligent and efficient staff service ensures that the thing demanded by you materializes in front of you in no time.