49-50 Milestone,GT Road,Murthal,
Sonipat,Haryana 131027

Gulshan Dhaba:The Best Dhaba in Murthal

  • Gulshan Dhaba in Murthal

    Tasty food for the soul!

    It’s highway, and more often than not it is fun to be on it. At the oldest dhaba on the Murthal road, the fun is bound to be multiplied with family and friends when there is homecooked food setting up an irresistible lure. Have it (for the best experience) and pack it (for the remaining journey), never once you regret preferring Gulshan Dhaba, Murthal.

  • Murthal ke Parathe

    Parathe on Murthal Road,
    D-Taste on the go!

    Roads are great learning place, even more because they are still yet dynamic- taking you from one place to another. And it’s the joy of being on a move that is most celebrated with Parathas, on the Murthal road. Laced with homemade butter, the crispy famous parathas will become a lingering memory even after the return from the road trip via Murthal!

  • Famous dhaba in Murthal

    Food seducing the taste buds!

    Our food is magical. Every time the fragrance wafted in the air teasing the nostrils and, of course, the taste buds, expectations of pure vegetarians are about to be fulfilled. Fussing mothers, sulking kids, tired husbands and fathers, all forget their issues and plunge in the high quality food we offer. Everyone leaves with a smile.

Gulshan Dhaba- A Vegetarian’s Delight!

Relishing food is one thing, and tasting history in food a completely different ballgame altogether.We at Gulshan Dhaba, Murthal welcome you to experience both at the same time, without interfering in your personal memory-of-the-highway!

First is our specialty- the parathas (along with many other dishes) with the unique and antique flavor of the time that stayed still in culinary skills we inherited from our great grandfather since 1950! And second would be your own experience of this place, road and of course the food from the best dhaba in Murthal on the go!

And what’s even better?

  • The improved ambience
  • Bigger and better parking
  • Centralized Air Conditioning
  • Renovated place
  • Popular foods with unique twist
  • Chance of meeting TV people
  • Service 24/7

Hit the road, and give us a chance to serve your taste buds. Then, you would find yourself keep coming to us, trying newer variant of famous and ever delicious stuffed paratha along with the other recipes just to satiate your curiosity of Indian and other popular cuisines!

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